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From MIT Technology Review: an important collection of stories on the potential of new energy sources and the challenges facing their development.

We hear of promising breakthroughs that could help reduce our reliance on sources of energy that are nonrenewable and polluting. But few of these are having significant impact. The goal of this collection is to help you understand why.The report illuminates some promising energy breakthroughs and discusses the practical challenges they face. In feature stories and a photo essay, we take you to Germany, Borneo, and Arkansas and reveal in memorable detail how energy technologies are being deployed. We look ahead and explain the path to commercialization that future energy technologies must take.

In Energy 2013 you will discover:

  • A Practical Renewable-Energy Supergrid
  • A Solar Startup That Isn't Afraid of Solyndra's Ghost
  • The Great German Energy Experiment
  • The Carbon Capture Conundrum
  • ... and much more

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